Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What a Difference a Year Makes

A year ago I decided I needed to make some changes. I had developed a habit of napping, these daily naps became a family joke. I wasn't napping because I was sick or up all night with the kids. I was napping because I was trying to take care of everyone except myself. A guest on the Oprah show said "Trying is failing with dignity." That is just what I was doing.

I didn't have the energy to keep up with the daily necessities let alone do fun things with my family. Patients were in short supply as my stress level was rising. I wasn't exercising or eating well. Because I wasn't eating well my family, the very people I was trying to take care of, weren't eating well either.

I knew I needed to make some changes, I also knew over the top drastic changes wouldn't be lasting changes and I needed lasting change. On February 27, 2007 I made my first change. I strapped on my walking shoes and after cleaning off my treadmill, I climbed on. A year later I am still on the treadmill 4 or 5 times a week.

Other changes have happened over the year also. By making healthier food choices we are eating better and feeling better. That doesn't mean we don't get the things we love, my crew would mutiny if we cut out ice cream, but we have smaller bowls. During this process I did use a weight loss program and one meal at a time I learned what and how much I should eat and I am still learning and transferring what I've learned to our family meals.

There have been some obvious benefits. I've lost 3 clothes sizes and 23 pounds and kept it off for 19 weeks and counting. Sizes, pounds and workouts are just the measurable changes and benefits. The qualities that can't be measured are the things that keep me going. I have so much more energy, patients, I am better able to deal with whatever comes up and keep it in perspective. I also haven't been as sick this winter, except for the "New Year's" flu we all had. I
don't shy away from getting my picture take, and I don't mind looking at the pictures later. I also purchased my first pair of professionally fitted running shoes. Even though they are running shoes I walk in them, but who knows what another year might bring.

In the book I am currently reading Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? by Peter Walsh there is a passage that really hit home. He is talking about weight but anything can replace the word weight. "To really change your weight you have to change your total life. You have to change the choices you make every day...". It is on page 32 and yes, I do have a post-it note on that page.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The "J" List

I am a big fan of Oprah. I used to watch her favorite things show but I have given that up because well, my budget is a little more restrictive. So, here are a few of my favorite things.

  • Parker Jotter ball point pens they are under $4 and come in pink, lavender and sage green.
  • Super sticky post-it notes, I really like these because I can put them on Lauren's door and they don't fall off every time she opens and closes it.
  • Champion Duo Dry athletic socks, they don't get lumpy in your shoes.
  • Twix java candy bar, coffee flavored chocolate candy. Need I say more?
  • Fresh flowers from the discount store, because they make me smile longer than a latte.

Let me know if you try any of these things and what you think!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Baby Talk

Well, Caleb is my baby and he has been taking for a very long time, but he has not been easy to understand. Sometimes I would have to look at him to see his hand gestures and read his lips to understand what he was trying to tell me. In November we started him in a speech class and he is making progress. I don't have to translate as much for other people.

Today, while I was washing dishes Caleb was in the living room talking to me, not unlike any other day, but today I could understand him! I didn't have to stop what I was doing to watch him talk to know what he was telling me. I understood, just by listening!

We still have some work to do but we are making steady progress both at home and at school. Caleb is now in the speech program at the school and won't have to change teachers in September - if he still needs help.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Did it!

I have been trying to starting a blog for awhile now and just hadn't gotten around to. One of my favorite quotes is "do or do not there is no try". Yoda says it (or something close to that) in one of the Star Wars movies. What that really means is I just didn't do it. So here it is my first attempt at a blog. What is more surprising then getting around to is that I did it without technical support.