Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Wonder I Have OMS!

This is my desk...well, it's under there, somewhere. This is where I'm suppose to "run my household". I think maybe this is contributing to my OMS. The 3 pound planner with all the stuff hanging out of it and the post-its stuck every where is suppose to help me keep track of information, who needs to be where and when. This is also where I should be able to keep the check book up to date and do my meal and grocery planning.

I agree with all those organizing experts who say that your space reflects what is going on in your life. I was getting overwhelmed by well, basically my job, and the system that was suppose to help me wasn't. I had notes tucked every where, I couldn't find anything and because I felt so out of control I was constantly double checking class times, lists and wasting time looking for things. All that just caused me to feel more overwhelmed.

I have been using a paper planner forever, various sizes and colors and it used to work. I'm not sure when it stopped working for me, but I'm guessing it wasn't over night. I was holding on to a system that had out lived it's usefulness because I didn't want to change. Even if my system wasn't working it was mine and I was used to it, it was comfortable. As hard as I knew it was going to be, I also knew it was time to change. I need a system that works for our family now not the one from 15 years (or more) ago.

So, the transition has begun. I now have a Google calendar that has replaced 3 others, I have daily calendar with my to do list and food log (some day I may give that up but not today). My addresses are on the computer and sync with my ipod, so I can take them with me. Other lists and notes are also filed in my computer with short cuts on the desk top so I can see them and get to them easily.

One pile of papers went to the shredder, a larger pile went to the recycle and my planner has been retired. It was harder to let it go than I thought it would be, it was like packing away a security blanket. Now that the changing is almost complete, I already feel calmer and more in control. Ready to tackle whatever comes next. There are still a few lists I'm putting into the computer, but now I have a space to put them on the desk and work, and room to sort the "to be sorted" folder.

As for my desk, I found it! I have a clean flat space to work and empty cubbies (those are behind the computer). Here is the after picture.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fave Five Friday #13

Happy Friday! It's that time again, too look back over the week and focus on the good things that happened. So here we go...

Today is my pretty little baby girl's 14th birthday! Her party is tomorrow, I'm taking her and a couple of friends to see Twilight! I pre-ordered tickets (love that) then back here for pizza, cake and a sleep over.

Phil's brother and sister-in-law came to visit over the weekend. They brought their Wii video game system and we played with the kids, watching Caleb bowl was hilarious. I know why those controllers have straps. The kids had fun with their Aunt and Uncle and we got treated to a impromptu rock concert. The "band" members range in age from 14 to 39. Loads of fun!

We had 2 night with no activities this week! It was nice to just be able to relax after dinner and not have to rush out or be rushed to get lessons in before dinner. Ahh!

I have made progress on re-organizing/streamlining of our calendars and how I keep track of information. Honey helped me get all my address loaded on my ipod! That's a handy little feature.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... there is a chill in the air, itunes is loaded up with Christmas music ready to sync with the ipod, I have even bought a few gifts. But best of all I have a plan! Having a plan for the holidays is helping my OMS, so is the streamlining.

If you would like to participate in fave 5 or just see other peoples lists jump over to Living to Tell the Story to get all the details. Thank you to Susanne for hosting!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday's Fave 5

Wow! I can't believe it is the middle of November already! Christmas is only 40 days away. But it's also Friday so...Happy Weekend! I missed Friday last week, Honey and I went shopping and then I did a little scrapbooking and some how...well, I just didn't get to the blog thing. This week I decided I wasn't going to be last on Mr. Linky over at Susanne's blog Living to Tell the Story and I was going to get my blog up on Friday.

I'll start with Halloween. The cutest little evil villain ever...
and he was a very tired trick-or-treater. He almost smiled for me.
The kid's pumpkins all ready for their big night!

I did a little scrapbooking. I got 7 pages done (sides for those of you who do Creative Memories). I also learned how to upload my pictures to get them printed, and it only took 5 hours.

Cute new multi seasonal decoration. Now pumpkins, Christmas time gifts, January I'm thinking Teddy with his hat and mittens.

I learned all kinds of new things I can do with my google calendar to help get me organized. I had 5 different calendar for a family of 4. No wonder I have OMS!

Philip is off his crutches!!! Around the house he isn't even using a cane!!! He also had a new set of x-rays done and the doctor said everything in his knee looks good, just have to get the flexibility and strength back.

Oh, I almost forgot! No more political campaign ads! 'Nuff said.

If you've gotten this far thanks for sticking with me on this really long post! Have a great week!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I think I have OMS

Overwhelmed Mommy Syndrome it's characterized by forgetfulness, inability to complete a thought, chronic misplacement of items, inability to complete a task. More advanced symptoms include not being able to spell or recognize your child's name, walking to a room and having no idea why you are there, forgetting what day it is.

Why do I think I have OMS, because I type Caleb's name on our calendar, (the online one that is suppose to make scheduling and organizing our family easier) and misspelled it. I looked at it and thought "that looks odd" but it didn't register that I spelled it wrong. Did I mention I had a brain freeze at the post office and forgot my address? Don't ask me where anything is I can't find it, but my guess is that it's under something, probably a pile of laundry. Except the list of birthdays I have been looking for...it was under the bed.

I wonder what the prescription for OMS is...take chocolate, turn off the computer and go to bed?