Monday, November 10, 2008

I think I have OMS

Overwhelmed Mommy Syndrome it's characterized by forgetfulness, inability to complete a thought, chronic misplacement of items, inability to complete a task. More advanced symptoms include not being able to spell or recognize your child's name, walking to a room and having no idea why you are there, forgetting what day it is.

Why do I think I have OMS, because I type Caleb's name on our calendar, (the online one that is suppose to make scheduling and organizing our family easier) and misspelled it. I looked at it and thought "that looks odd" but it didn't register that I spelled it wrong. Did I mention I had a brain freeze at the post office and forgot my address? Don't ask me where anything is I can't find it, but my guess is that it's under something, probably a pile of laundry. Except the list of birthdays I have been looking was under the bed.

I wonder what the prescription for OMS is...take chocolate, turn off the computer and go to bed?


whorton94 said...

Is OMS contagious? I have had it in the past. I think chocolate is definately the prescription for a complete cure. Coffe won't hurt either, accompanied with a long, hot, bubble bath!! Hang in there!

Julia said...

Yes, I did take the fall pictures with my new camera. I was in downtown Vancouver today and wanted to take some more pics, but it was so rainy and grey I couldn't see the mountains so I didn't take any.

And yes, take chocolate....its the cure for whatever ails you! :)

PetiteMommy said...

Oh, I think I have that too! Thanks for the comment. :)