Monday, August 11, 2014


About a year ago we were introduced to the idea of "tiny homes".  The size ranges from 94 square feet to about 500 square feet.  My favorites are the larger tiny homes built by Tumble Weed Tiny House Company. Honey and I have watched many, many, many videos on this trend. I find it interesting because the home owners make the most of the small space and still have the things they need and are important to them.

Recently we started watching a couple who moved into an RV full time.  They're also off the grid!  Not sure I'd want to go that far to the tiny side but after watching a day in the life episode I realized it's not just the space or lack of it. But living in such a tiny space is a different way of looking at things... less IS enough. Do each member of my family really need 4 reusable water bottles? The answer is simple...NO. Why? Because it gives me an excuse to procrastinate. I'll wash all the water bottles and travel mugs later. I think I'm saving myself time by doing the all the dishes at one time. But I'm not! I'm just creating clutter! It's about having enough to not feel deprived but not so much that you feel over whelmed with stuff.

Will I be ready to move into a tiny house in 6 months or a year. Probably not.  But I am looking at what I have differently. I sold some of my purses recently. It was hard to get rid of them, hard to put that last one in the box but now that they're gone - I don't miss them! Gone is easy, letting go is hard.

Simplicity is a way of thinking about things, the space and energy (physical and emotional) they consume. I'm looking forward to see where this little adventure will take us! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

30 Days of Thanks #3

The air finally has a bit of fall chrisp-ness it's tarting to feel more like Thanksgiving.  And I've got plenty to be thankful for, that's a song from the movie Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, circa 1940 something.  Some days it really is the little things that I over look so without further procrastination...

15  Chewing - I didn't realize how much I miss being able to chew until I couldn't. I got braces about a month ago and after not being able to put my teeth together for about 48 hours let alone eat solid food, I have a new appreciation for chewing.

16  My Friend Jackie -  Today is her birthday perfect time honor her. Jackie has become a second mom to me, she can read my heart and know what I need - sometimes before I know what that is.

17  Extended Family - I'm thankful for my extended family everyday but today is my niece's birthday so  it seem like the perfect time to add then to my list. With out my extended family who would I call to walk me through craft dilemmas, tell how to fix the hole in my tub and remember that annoying Uncle called me as a kid?

18  Fair Weather - we weren't hit by any of the bad storms or tornadoes that came through the mid west.

19  My Compainion Animal - yep I'm his human, he's happy to see me when I come home, he likes to just hang out with me and he doesn't talk back.

20  Mental Health Day -  Ok so I went shopping for nothing in particular, got a fru-fru coffee with no one complaining or asking for things.  Yep a day to restore my mental health.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

30 Days of Thanks # 2

Here it is the end of the second week in November. I can't believe it! I usually rush through November in just to get to the day after Thanksgiving not for sales but for Christmas music and movies and deco...Oh My! This year I'm slowing down a little and remembering the Thanks part of November. Of course a post every day would be too much to commit to so I'm doing a weekly post of the things I'm thankful for...

8  Medical Professionals - Honey's step-dad's health crisis has made me especially thankful for their dedication, knowledge and compassion it made a very difficult time a little easier for the family.

9  Our little family being under the same roof snug in their beds. Sissy will be moving into the college dorm next semester even though she won't be far way she won't be home either.

10  Our church family - who have supported us in some very hard times, cried with us and laughed with us.

11  Veterans - those who serve on active duty, guard and reserve, past and present. They make sacrifices most people will never understand for the freedom of others. Thank You.

12   School Programs - Bean had his first band concert along with the class program. It was amazing to hear the kids play together after just a few months of practice. After the band played the students came on stage to sing and Bean had a solo.

13  Friends - some are just around the corner, some a phone call or text away but I'm thankful for the love and laughter they all have brought in to my life.

14  Fall leave - the beautiful colors and the unmistakable crunch.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

30 Days of Thanks

I really wanted to participate in the 30 Days of Thanks but I'd have to be consistent. One thing every day for 30 days! Not going to happen. My next idea was to do a week of Thanks in review type post. That started out great! Five posts total. I can do that! Then I got to thinking of all the things I'm thankful for. It started out simple enough…

1  My Honey - for all that he does for our family, he knows when I need him to "fix it" and when I just need him to listen, he puts up with my off key singing and helps the kids with their music. Just to name a few, if I try to put into words everything I'm thankful to Honey for I'll be a sentimental blubbering mess.
2  My Kiddos - Shhh don't tell them but I do kind of like them. They are my sunshine, my smiles, they are my heart.
3  My Dad - for all his support, letting us invade his house when we are in town and help making fruitcakes.

Then Honey's step-dad had a health crisis and it has me thinking about the everyday things I take for granted…

4  A reliable car to travel to be with Honey's family during this very difficult time.
5  Honey's career that allows him to take time off to be with his family.
6  Having the financial means to travel at a moments notice.
7  Our health.

Many, many more every day things are coming to mind that I don't give a second thought to. I'll save some of those for next week.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More Flowers

I love surprises! More volunteer flowers just showed up in my garden! Year 3!

The last time I planted flowers was 2010! 

Friday, November 9, 2012


I've been on Pinterest again. Surprise! Ok, being on Pinterest isn't the surprise. Actually making some of the things I saw is the surprise. Some of my creations were closer to the originals than others. This first card was more inspired than copied.  The card on the left and a little below is from this website the one on the left (obviously, note poor photography skills) is my interpretation.
I cut the flower from a page of an old book I found at a used book sale. The only thing I bought just for this card was the crystal for the flower center. Every thing else was from my stash.

This was the Inspiration for my burlap pumpkin wreath.


It turned out very cute and was easy to put together but...the burlap is a little..umm...well it's stinky.  Sadly, I'm going to it take it apart and remake it, because I strongly dislike the odor. I'm going to use green and orange netting next year.

My last Pinterest inspired project, on the right, is a birthday card inspired by the card below.  I'm sure this simple and adorable design will show up again. Maybe next time it will be even look more like the original. Well a girl can hope!
 Happy Crafting!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Belated Halloween

From the Grandma Zombies (Sissy and her BFF) 

And Bean as The Trash Can!