Monday, August 11, 2014


About a year ago we were introduced to the idea of "tiny homes".  The size ranges from 94 square feet to about 500 square feet.  My favorites are the larger tiny homes built by Tumble Weed Tiny House Company. Honey and I have watched many, many, many videos on this trend. I find it interesting because the home owners make the most of the small space and still have the things they need and are important to them.

Recently we started watching a couple who moved into an RV full time.  They're also off the grid!  Not sure I'd want to go that far to the tiny side but after watching a day in the life episode I realized it's not just the space or lack of it. But living in such a tiny space is a different way of looking at things... less IS enough. Do each member of my family really need 4 reusable water bottles? The answer is simple...NO. Why? Because it gives me an excuse to procrastinate. I'll wash all the water bottles and travel mugs later. I think I'm saving myself time by doing the all the dishes at one time. But I'm not! I'm just creating clutter! It's about having enough to not feel deprived but not so much that you feel over whelmed with stuff.

Will I be ready to move into a tiny house in 6 months or a year. Probably not.  But I am looking at what I have differently. I sold some of my purses recently. It was hard to get rid of them, hard to put that last one in the box but now that they're gone - I don't miss them! Gone is easy, letting go is hard.

Simplicity is a way of thinking about things, the space and energy (physical and emotional) they consume. I'm looking forward to see where this little adventure will take us! 

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