Friday, November 22, 2013

30 Days of Thanks #3

The air finally has a bit of fall chrisp-ness it's tarting to feel more like Thanksgiving.  And I've got plenty to be thankful for, that's a song from the movie Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, circa 1940 something.  Some days it really is the little things that I over look so without further procrastination...

15  Chewing - I didn't realize how much I miss being able to chew until I couldn't. I got braces about a month ago and after not being able to put my teeth together for about 48 hours let alone eat solid food, I have a new appreciation for chewing.

16  My Friend Jackie -  Today is her birthday perfect time honor her. Jackie has become a second mom to me, she can read my heart and know what I need - sometimes before I know what that is.

17  Extended Family - I'm thankful for my extended family everyday but today is my niece's birthday so  it seem like the perfect time to add then to my list. With out my extended family who would I call to walk me through craft dilemmas, tell how to fix the hole in my tub and remember that annoying Uncle called me as a kid?

18  Fair Weather - we weren't hit by any of the bad storms or tornadoes that came through the mid west.

19  My Compainion Animal - yep I'm his human, he's happy to see me when I come home, he likes to just hang out with me and he doesn't talk back.

20  Mental Health Day -  Ok so I went shopping for nothing in particular, got a fru-fru coffee with no one complaining or asking for things.  Yep a day to restore my mental health.

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