Saturday, March 29, 2008


All those projects that never seem to make to make it to the top of the "To Do" list and don't get finished have a name - N.U.T.s - Nagging Unfinished Tasks. I "borrowed" this from someone but I can't remember who. So to whoever I borrow this from Thank You!

Today was suppose to be close to 60 and sunny, a beautiful early spring day. A perfect day to cross off one of those NUTs on my to do list. My indoor plants needed to be repotted, desperately. So, yesterday I got 5 new pots and 30 pounds of dirt. Everything I would need to get the job done, I didn't want to have to run to stuff mart at the last minute.

Caleb and I put off our project until after lunch when it warmed up a little. Only to discover after lunch that the weather man was, well, wrong! The air temp was 47 with a "feels like" temp of 41! But we were ready to get dirty, so we braved the wind chill and headed outside. Our next surprise came after the first plant was in it's new pot. I didn't have enough dirt to finish the rest.

Lucky for me Philip was easily talked into a study break to go to the stuff mart for more dirt while Caleb and I kept working. Caleb braved the cold for the first 2 1/2 plants and gave up when his fingers were frozen and his nose was drippy. Poor baby, he needed a snowsuit. Two hours, an emergency trip to the garden center, 50 pounds of dirt (I did say desperately) and a box of tissues later my plants were happily in their new pots.

It is surprising with so little dirt in the old pots that the plants were still alive to begin with. But, now that Caleb and I can feel our finger and toes I can say I'm glad I got that done. One less NUT on my list. I really like crossing things off my to do list. The plants don't look bad either.

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