Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's a Home Run!

Oh, sorry wrong sport!
Caleb's new catch phrase is "family fun thing". Finding a family fun thing with an eight and a half year age difference not always easy to do. So we tried tennis. Lauren and I got new tennis rackets, pink of course, and we headed to the courts. Philip played "the girls" while Caleb chased the wayward tennis balls. Boy, was he busy! Then we had some practice time. The kids did great! By the time we left Caleb was able to hit a few back to Dad and Lauren and I both managed to hit home runs over the practice board. It was a lot of fun out there just running around with the kids. Just another adventure on our "stay-cation"! That is one of Lauren's least favorite phrases, I use it every chance I get.
Catch it Lauren!


whorton94 said...

Well, that looks like a fun evening! I like the Lauren phrase too!! May have to use that!

melissa sews said...

Thanks for taking the time to view my baby taggy blanket tutorial! They are so fun and easy to make. God's peace to you!