Monday, March 16, 2009

Runnin' on Empty

Last night after Caleb's bath he climbed into the rocker with me. He snuggled up and sat with me for a few minutes. Then he said "Mommy, I think I'm almost out of love."

As he rubbed his chest and tummy he said "I imagine I have a love jar in here and it only has 2 or 3 loves left."

We can't have an empty love jar! There's only one way to fill a love jar, so I pulled him (all 60 pounds) onto my lap and loved on him. Then he decided he needed 10 kisses and 10 hugs, we counted out his kisses and hugs added a few extra just in case and finally his love jar was full again. Whew! Crisis averted! He now has love to share.

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whorton94 said...

So sweet! Really miss you guys!