Friday, August 22, 2008

Fave Five for Friday

I came a cross a blog early this week called Living to Tell the Story, and last Friday Susanne wrote a blog listing her favorite 5 things from the past week. I thought this was a great idea and this week she invited everyone to join in so here it goes.

1. TWO great first days of school. Lauren thinks 8th great rocks and her teachers are awesome! Caleb is very excited about kindergarten they get snack and 3 recesses!

2. Lunch out with the girls. A group of us moms went out to lunch. Our kids all went to preschool together last year and started kindergarten this week. So we went out to lunch at a restaurant that didn't have toys with the meals. It was a lot of fun.

3. Date night. Philip and I had 3 hours without the kids, we went out for coffee and were able to carry on a conversation that didn't involve super heroes, or cartoon characters.

4. Quilting. Once a week I get together with 2 friends and we quilt and talk and laugh...a lot!

5. Flowers. Caleb and I planted sunflowers seedlings in the spring and not only did they not die they are blooming!


whorton94 said...

Wow! You've had quite a week. Wish I could join you for quilting and laughing!!

Susanne said...

What a great list of faves for the week! I'm so glad you're kids had a great first day of school. Our go after Labour Day. And I always rate lunch out with the girls as a favorite. Especially a place with no toys that come with the meals. :vD Great list!

Thanks so much for joining in. I'm really enjoying this and will keep it going each Friday, so please join again!