Friday, March 25, 2011

Fave Five and Coffee 3.25

It's Friday, time for Fave Five and Company Girl Coffee! (I missed all of last week due to the flu, we were all sick.) Time to list some favorite things from the past week and catch up with the Company Girls. Visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for the Fave Five details.

Here are my favorite things from the past two week. The snow falling outside my window is not one of my favorite things.

  • We got a surprise package in the mail! My sister made us St. Patrick's Day goodie bags! The kids were excited about their stickers and gold coins. I got coffee!
  • Warm sunny days! We've had a taste of what is to come and I can't wait! I love sunshine!
  • Everyone is healthy again! It was a very long week with everyone sick, but we are better now, the house has been aired out and disinfected. This is also the reason for my very short SRT list. My TBR list is growing daily!
  • Coffee! I was coffee free for seven days! Only partly by choice, I just couldn't stomach it with the flu. Coffee is back, happy dance!
  • A trip to the craft store! I found some clearance yarn for a scarf. It's a very easy scarf that spirals; I started a purple one and thought it would be pretty in this yarn too. I may even have them done by the time it's cold enough to wear them.
  • Baskets. I replaced basket A with B it was hidden in the closet. Basket A is now a collection point for things that need to be carried to the basement. It looks so much better than a pile of stuff sitting by the steps. The best part…$0!
Please visit Rachel at Home Sanctuary and check out what other Company Girls are up to!


Carrie said...

I love your list!

Surprise packages in the mail are always so fun. As are trips to the craft store. And it's a delightful feeling when the household is well again after sickness.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Jerralea said...

That was so thoughtful of your sister to send a surprise package!

Glad you are feeling better, I can definitely relate.

Willow said...

Great FFF list! I love the warmer weather too (at least the promise of it). The St Paddy's Day surprise--perfect! Enjoy the knitting!!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Sounds like a great week! Spring is definitely on its way, and not a day too soon, it seems.

Have a great week ahead.

Brenda said...

I've tried going off coffee before and it never takes. There are so many things I

Susanne said...

Sorry you were all sick but glad that you are all feeling better now.

A week without coffee. Don't think I could do that.

Mama Manuscripts said...

Hi there,

I'm checking in for the first time. I hope that you have a lovely week and that everyone remains healthy. There are a lot of bugs going around here so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I look forward to visiting your blog more!

Lisa notes... said...

How fun to get a surprise package. Always a delight! Hope your flu is much better now.

Lisa said...

I am glad you guys liked the package. I have just as much fun making them as you have getting them.