Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Fave Five

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! I missed last week, I was away from my computer for 3 1/2 days. I survived but I was about 24 hours from going into withdrawal.

This is the time to slow down and look back over the past week and pick my favorite things.

1. Safe travels. We traveled for the Thanksgiving holiday and didn't have any problems on the roads. We did have a little snow on the return trip, I think the kids liked seeing the snow. Caleb played in it when we stopped for lunch and let Max out of his box for a few minutes.

2. Twilight. Lauren and her friends loved the movie! We pre-ordered the tickets for the 1:00 matinee but the theater wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be that was also a good thing. It was a good movie, there were a few changes from the book but it was a fun movie to go see. I didn't have to share my overly salted and buttered popcorn.

3. Doctor's appointment. Philip had his 2 month post-op check- up this week. The doctor was pleased with his progress and said no more brace and he can start exercising! By next month he should be able to start light jogging, there are physical requirements for his job so being able to get back to his workouts is a good thing.

4. Baby talk. I had a good meeting with Caleb's speech teacher this week. She said he is doing very well on his individual words but, we are still going to work on his connected speech. This wasn't a surprise sometimes he is hard to understand. Along with his teacher we came up with a technique to slow him down (talking too fast is one of his biggest issues) and we will both be using it. I'm trilled with the progress he has made and the help he is getting.

5. Christmas season is officially here. I can now watch Christmas movies out in the open. I have been known to watch holiday movies early, like July. Yes, that is my little holiday addiction, I like to watch the old movies. Especially It's a Wonderful Life, I know it by heart and still never tire of it.

Thanks to Susanne for hosting this wonderful meme. You can visit her blog to see other participants lists or join in! Have a great week!


ellen b. said...

Glad your travelling was safe and that Phillip is healing well and that Caleb is progressing with his speech therapy. My daughter just re-read all the Twilight books after seeing the movie. Enjoy all the Christmas fun!

The Correspondent said...

Your link at Susanne's pulled up your Nov. 14 list. Thought you'd want to know.

It sounds like you had a good week, Jen. Like you, I watch Christmas movies all year (and I also listen to Christmas music year round), but I am glad that the official season is finally here!

Susanne said...

I love It's A Wonderful Life! And watching Christmas movies. So fun! I'm so glad for all the good news with your hubby's knee!

Melanie said...

I really enjoy the Christmas movies, too, even the very predictable ones are fun! But I wait until the day after Thanksgiving to watch.

Cyndee@Riezzee's Place said...

Thanks for sharing! I also love It's a Wonderful Life! I also have added Click to that list - very similar story with a twist.


Robin said...

I love Christmas movies too! I think my favorite is White Christmas.

Julia said...

Your FF are posted early this week. You're getting really good at this!
I reserved Twilight at the public library and the computer told me 74 people were in line before me!! I'm also excited for Christmas, I put my tree up last Sunday, and will be taking my Christmas CDs to my car today.

Anonymous said...

An excellent list, Jen! I keep hearing good reviews of Twilight but have not been paying attention to what it's all about - you've piqued my curiosity!

proudgrits11 said...

Aaaah, Christmas movies!! Sounds like a week of a lot of good news!

whorton94 said...

Jordan is a closet Christmas movie watcher too. I hold fast to waiting until the day after Thanksgiving, but I know she sneaks a few in here and there. :)