Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crafty Day

Today I got to spend some time in my much neglected Happy Place...

My craft area!
The fabrics for my stadium blanket have been in the project basket since fall '09 ( no that's not a typo). There's also another blanket just waiting to be assembled. Maybe that will get done tomorrow. It might be a football game project.

Today's second project was a napkin holder cover. That project hasn't been on the list very long but it's a nice little pick me up for the table and me! Especially needed with the cold and snowy weather we've had the last two weeks.

Now it's time to curl up with my blanket, put on a movie and work on a dish cloth!


Lisa said...

I like the blanket, it looks warm. The napkin holder is cute. Stay warm.

Laurie said...

So cute!!! I hope to have a craft room some day! Like your projects!! :)

Anonymous said...

The napkin holder cover is sooooo cute. It looks like the material is pleated. did you follow a pattern?

I haven't crafted in far too long. Looking at your room and completed projects is giving me the crafting itch.