Friday, October 10, 2008

Fave Five for Friday #8

Happy Friday! This week really has flown by I can't believe it is Friday again. Thank you to Susanne is hosting Fave 5 at Living to Tell the Story, check out her blog and see what others have listed as their faves this week. This is a wonderful opportunity to look back over the week and see the good things when sometimes is easier to focus on the bad things. Here are my favorite things from this week.

1. Phil did great with his surgery on Monday!!! He has never had surgery or even a major illness beyond the flu, so we were a bit concerned at how he would do. He did great! He is still in some pain but that is to be expected, we did know it would be a slow recovery.

2. Phil is being an excellent patient. The weather is beautiful and he would rather be anywhere other than sitting with his leg propped up.

3. Block Party. Our neighborhood had a block party on Saturday evening. About 30 families came out for the chili cookoff, bonfire and pumpkin carving. It was a fun evening watching the kids play and getting to visit with neighbors we don't get a chance to see often.

4. Grandma visited. Phil's mom came to watch the kids while we were at the hospital. The kids had a great time visiting with Grandma.

5. Christmas Gifts. I ordered my first Christmas gifts today.

Have a great weekend!


Beverly said...

Thanks for stopping by my Fave 5 list. Always great to "meet" fellow bloggers. You are way ahead of me - ordering Christmas gifts already - way to go!

Susanne said...

I'm so glad that Phil's surgery went well and that he's recuperating nicely. I meant to email and ask but life sort of had other ideas for me this last week.

I haven't even thought of Christmas yet. Guess it really is moving into that season soon, isn't it. The block party sounds wonderful!

Julia said...

Thanks for you comment Jen! I love hearing of neighbourhoods having block parties. It seems so....well, neighbourly. In the big city I live in nobody seems to says hi to anyone on the streets anymore. And the pumkin carving sounds like great fun. :)

Karen said...

A fall neighborhood party is such a great idea. Good for you for getting a jump on your Christmas shopping. It's not too early, is it? Such a cute blog you have here! I love the polka dots.

Anonymous said...

We had a neighbor in another state who used to throw block parties all the time. It was fun. Our neighbors now barely know each other.

I am glad Phil came through surgery ok!

Congratulations on a good start for Christmas! I need to get to thinking about that.