Friday, October 3, 2008

Fave Five Friday #7

Here it is the end of another week and I'm working on the better late than never plan. I tend to work on that plan a lot. At least it's still Friday. Thanks to Susanne for hosting Fave 5! I better get this show on the road before I fall asleep on my keyboard. So here are my favorite things from this past week.

Movie theater popcorn! We took the kids to see a movie on Sunday afternoon I got popcorn! Lauren drew the short straw and had to share with me, let just say they think I put way to much salt and butter on my popcorn, but I love it.

Perfect weather! Not too hot, not too wet, just right. Sunny and 70 degrees for the high cooler in the morning - perfect!

Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Made from scratch. I'm not a very good cook but I do like to bake, because I like to eat cake and cookies and pie...well you get the idea.

Our round-about is open! For the last 4 months the main north/south road in town has been closed. It is the main road that leads to karate, the bank, the stuff mart, church and the only direct link between Caleb and Lauren's schools. To get around the construction means taking smaller side streets that were not designed for such traffic. It was taking me almost 15 minutes to get from one school to the other, now (drum roll please) down to 4 minutes!!! Yeah! Happy dance!!

Due to our medical issues lately, many friends have been calling and e-mailing this week. Letting me know they are thinking of us and offering their prayers for Phil's knee surgery. I am not looking forward to Monday but I am grateful for all the support from friends near and not so near.

Have a happy weekend I'm going to get some sleep - I hear it's a good thing!

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Susanne said...

Yeah, I was wondering where you were! Lol. But rest assured it's never too late! I've even had some ladies jump in on the Saturday or Sunday and I love visiting them all.

What a great list Jen! The popcorn situation made me laugh out loud. I'd be happy to share with you! It's been gorgeous here too all week although today it's cloudy and a bit rainy but still lovely outside.

Is Friday Phil's surgery? Praying that the surgery goes quickly and well as does the recovery!