Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Fave 5

I can't believe it's Friday again! Also, hard to believe I have done something consistently for six weeks, in a row! It's time for this weeks fave 5. For more information and to see other participants fave 5 check out Susanne's blog Living to Tell the Story.

Here we go...

Number 5 Upcycling (aka cheap creative outlet). I took 2 necklaces I don't wear, put them together to make bling for the mommy van, now looking at them together I may bring it back in and wear it.

Number 4 Fall. The first week of fall has been sunny, dry and 80 degrees! Love it! It has been beautiful this week.

Number 3 Fall into Reading. I got my list up on time, then spent the next two days reading other people's lists, so many great little time. I did get started on my first book too.

Number 2 No new injuries, illness or dental emergencies!

Number 1 I saved the best for last. I got flowers. Caleb picked me these beautiful "undomesticated flowers" from the empty lot next to us.

Happy Friday! Have a great week!


Susanne said...

And a beautiful bouquet it is. Those are bachelor buttons aren't they? Yay for no emergencies! I too, spent 2 days going through everyones reading list and I still have some to see. LOL. My To Be Read list is getting ridiculous. LOL.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty bouquet! And a week without emergencies is always a good week. We've had a great first week of fall, too.

Michelle said...

How lovely that you are getting good weather Jen!!! It's been cold and rainy here lately *blah*The bouquet is lovely a true gift from a little heart..THanks for the blog visit.

whorton94 said...

Love the flowers...what a neat little boy you have!! Happy weekend!

Julia said...

Sunny and warmish fall weather is great. I've got that on my list too. Sunday and Monday are supposed to be 24-26C (75-78F) here in Vancouver. I'm looking forward to it!