Sunday, September 7, 2008

Summer Reading

I thought it might be fun for Lauren and I to have our own book club this summer. The only requirement was that it had to be an author neither of us had read. So we could branch out a little. I let her pick a few and then we made a choice. We picked The Eight by Katherine Neville.

The cover says it is "An absorbing thriller steeped in history". It's steeped in history alright, just about any historical figure you can think of is in this book, from Charlemagne to Muammar Khaddafi. I would describe it more as an adventure than a thriller, along the lines of Indiana Jones meets Thelma and Louise. It also has a cast of hundreds, unfortunately I didn't connect to any of them. I didn't know the heroins enough to want to root for them. The adventure held it's own in the story but there were characters and subplots that were disconnected and just seem to be fillers.

Lauren gave up at about page 100. I finished reading by pure stubbornness. I don't like to give up once I've started a book just in case in the end it is the best book I've read. I knew the story lines would all be tied up at the end and by page 300 I just wanted to get there.

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