Thursday, September 4, 2008

An Empty Inbox

Almost. I was inspired by a blog I read on Callapidder Days to empty out my email inbox. My inbox doesn't have anything related to a job, mostly just updated address and schedules that should be put in my calendar anyway and a few pictures. So, why are they hanging around in my inbox, because eventually never gets here. I did have system set up to separate my emails, forwards, schedules, pictures, you get the idea. The problem is I don't go back and sort and empty. Let's face it I am not going to go back and read a forwarded email I was sent before my baby could talk.

I am now down to 3 folders I have to sort, one with pictures to put in a digital photo album, letters and that Oprah folder. I no longer have a schedule folder, that information is put on the calendar and the email deleted. No more searching through an over full inbox of for the date of whatever event I'm looking for. I was surprised how good it felt to only have 2 messages in my inbox this morning.

So, what's in your inbox?


whorton94 said...

Let's see...I think I have some 50 or more messages in my inbox. Mostly addresses and updates of friends' phone numbers. You've inspired me to try to organize them. Maybe tomorrow. :)

Susanne said...

Oh my. I NEVER have an empty inbox. I leave things there that I need to respond to. If I file them somewhere else, I'll forget about them. Makes my hubby crazy! :vD